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Visitation and Custody if Your Spouse is in the Military
Posted September 23, 2020

Military service can have a significant impact on child custody cases. Several service members have visitation and custody rights with children – even if the other parent is not their current spouse. However, absences and missed court dates can disrupt or undermine their rights due to their military duties, resulting in stress for both parents. […]

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Mediation and Child Custody Disputes
Posted March 07, 2019

Divorce cases come with several complexities and intricacies as there are so many aspects involved, ranging from spousal maintenance to property division. It does not come off as a surprise that the most heated matter which gives rise to dispute is child custody. Of course, the stakes are extremely high and things can escalate real […]

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Will My In-Laws History of Child Abuse Be Factored into our Custody Agreement?
Posted November 25, 2018

During divorce proceedings, child custody is an extremely important aspect that must require great consideration by the court. There are different federal and state laws that govern legal authority of parents to take a decision that may affect legal and physical custody of a child. These laws are in place to devise an effective legal […]

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Child Custody in Illinois
Posted June 07, 2018

One of the major issues that arise after a married couple decides to part ways is custody of their children. In most cases, both parents do not want to give custody to the other spouse. Thousands of couples reach out to the courts everywhere to resolve the conflict around child custody. This whole charade not […]

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