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How Does Adoption Impact Child Support In Illinois?
child support
Posted May 16, 2023

If you intend to adopt a child, you probably are thinking about ensuring the child fits in and is comfortable in your home. However, in the case of divorce, you may have questions about how adoption will affect child support in Illinois. Below is important information to consider about this critical topic. If you have […]

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How Does Child Support Work With Adopted Children?
Illinois Child Support
Posted February 25, 2022

Parenting takes a lot of work, whether you are a biological or foster parent. The work never ends from diaper changes to ballet practice and career advice. If you want to add to your brood or adopt a child because you don’t have your own, you still need to pay for their care. In this […]

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Unemployed Child Support: Getting Paid When Your Ex Isn’t Working
Posted November 16, 2021

In Illinois, a divorce is not the end of the road, but a new beginning that can help you get back on your feet after, say, from an unhappy or loveless marriage. However, the experience can quickly become a nightmare if your ex-spouse refuses or cannot pay child support due to unemployment. You can make […]

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