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Frequently Asked Questions about Marital Property in Illinois
marital property
Posted August 01, 2022

Property division is one of the most frustrating and contentious aspects of a divorce, especially regarding marital property. Besides deciding who gets to keep the family home, you also need to consider other factors that can impact your and your family’s future. Frequently Asked Questions about Marital Property in Illinois A Hoffman Estates divorce attorney […]

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Overview of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act
Posted April 19, 2022

Not all marriages are meant to last forever. Whether yours is toxic, or you have fallen out of love with your spouse and vice versa, maybe it’s better that you go your separate ways. Before making that monumental decision, hire experienced Schaumburg divorce attorneys familiar with the updated Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. […]

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Is Illinois A Community Property State?
Posted September 21, 2021

Unlike some states, Illinois does not recognize community property. It means that anything you acquire on your own or for yourself during your marriage is not necessarily divisible. However, if you are going through a high asset divorce in Illinois, you have more to lose than other divorcing couples. Property is divided into marital and […]

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Can My Ex Modify Alimony If I Win The Lottery?
Posted April 07, 2021

An individual’s odds for winning the lottery are one in a million. However, if you are fortunate enough to win one, and pay alimony, whether your ex can ask to modify alimony depends on a few factors. Timing Matters When it Comes to Alimony Modification Post Lottery Win Whether your ex can collect support from […]

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Divorce, Finances, and Children
Posted July 31, 2020

A divorce may be a relief to some and a nightmare for others. However, during the process, spouses who don’t have children may not go through as much pain as those who are parents. Besides the emotional pain, deciding how assets will be divided and how much child support should be allocated can take a […]

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Financial Infidelity in a Divorce Law
Posted June 17, 2020

Infidelity in a marriage can mean more than a cheating spouse. Your partner may also be lying about his/her financial accounts or debt. In some cases, the betrayal can be serious enough to lead to a divorce. This is known as financial infidelity and your ex can be held liable if proven in an Illinois […]

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What You Need to Know About Cohabitation Agreements in Illinois
Posted May 13, 2020

As more and more couples are choosing to live together without getting married and raise families together, cohabitation agreements have risen in popularity in Illinois. Many people believe living together without tying the knot frees them from certain obligations. A cohabitation agreement ensures the individuals involved in the agreement are protected against such assumptions. What […]

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When You Should Sign a Divorce Settlement Agreement
Posted April 13, 2020

Divorce is far from easy. With the stress, heartbreak, and emotional upheaval a divorce brings, it can be difficult to get through. While the settlement you come up with can provide clarity during this difficult time, signing it without making sure it can provide a stable future for you and your family is not in […]

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Child Care During Holiday Breaks – Who Pays?
Posted November 29, 2019

For divorced parents, summer vacation may mean extended visitation with their children who they may only see on the weekends during the school year. However, while that time is great for developing a deeper relationship with estranged children, activities they expect to enjoy on those days may extend beyond your budget. Even if children remain […]

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Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce
Posted October 09, 2019

An uncontested divorce is also known as a no-fault divorce. It is one where both spouses have already agreed upon spousal maintenance, child custody, equity division of assets and future forms of communication. It is also one of the easiest to administer. If there is no agreement on any of the processes during a divorce […]

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