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Things That Can Cause You To Lose A Custody Battle In Illinois
child custody
Posted May 02, 2023

When parents divorce, and children are involved, they must arrive at a child custody agreement. These matters involve who will make significant life decisions for the child (legal custody) and how they will divide parenting time (physical custody). However, this issue is often one of the most challenging in divorce because most parents want to […]

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How Illinois Custody Laws Help Protect Children
child custody
Posted October 31, 2022

When couples divorce in Illinois, they have to divide legal and physical custody of their children. In the case of unmarried parents, the mother has sole custody till the father confirms paternity. These laws protect children and ensure their best interests are not violated or ignored as their parents battle it out. Chicago child custody […]

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Illinois Child Custody Laws: What You Should Know
Illinois child custody
Posted October 18, 2022

When children are involved in a divorce, the stakes increase. Their world is falling apart around them, and they have barely begun to live their life. Child custody arrangements in this stressed environment can be a challenge. You should hire child custody lawyers in Schaumburg to make the transition easier. Before that, check out our […]

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If Both Parents Are On The Birth Certificate, But Not Married, Who Has Custody?
child custody
Posted July 11, 2022

Many couples can maintain a healthy, happy, and long-term relationship with a partner without getting married. However, if they decide to split up and there are children involved, they can end up in a contentious situation. As per Illinois law, the mother has sole custody of children until the father establishes paternity (whether they are […]

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What You Need To Know About Child Custody Law In Illinois
Posted May 25, 2021

If you are engaged in a bitter child custody battle in Chicago, IL, knowing the basics of Illinois child custody law can help you make the right decisions to protect your family. Here are some things you should know: Determine If The Court Has Jurisdiction Over The Case Before the court can decide custody, it […]

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10 Common Illinois Child Custody And Child Support Questions Answered 
Posted May 06, 2021

In regards to custody, visitation, parenting time – what kind of core questions should couples ask before they start talking to an attorney? There are four different types of significant decision-making that parents need to consider when they are dealing with child custody. Those are (1) Educational Decisions, (2) Health Care Decisions, (3)  Religious Decisions, […]

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Why Divorce Is Sometimes Better For Children?
Posted April 07, 2021

Any parent who is in the middle of a divorce or is considering it must be concerned about whether is the divorce better for children or not. The fear can be crippling, but the state your children will be in if you remain in a loveless marriage will be worse. Top Ways Divorce Can Have […]

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My Ex Will Not Follow Custody Rules
Posted October 14, 2020

Custody Order Violations in Illinois In Illinois, a custody order violation is also known as an ‘unlawful visitation interference’ and it is both a criminal and civil offense. The first few offenses are fined, but if a spouse continues to violate custody orders, it can turn into a class A misdemeanor, which can also include […]

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Visitation and Custody if Your Spouse is in the Military
Posted September 23, 2020

Military service can have a significant impact on child custody cases. Several service members have visitation and custody rights with children – even if the other parent is not their current spouse. However, absences and missed court dates can disrupt or undermine their rights due to their military duties, resulting in stress for both parents. […]

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Mediation and Child Custody Disputes
Posted March 07, 2019

Divorce cases come with several complexities and intricacies as there are so many aspects involved, ranging from spousal maintenance to property division. It does not come off as a surprise that the most heated matter which gives rise to dispute is child custody. Of course, the stakes are extremely high and things can escalate real […]

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