DCFS Cases

When DCFS oversteps its bounds, our DCFS lawyer at The Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C., is there to protect the rights of parents and caregivers. From our offices in Schaumburg and Chicago’s Loop, we represent clients across Chicagoland as they navigate court systems and administrative bureaucracies.

For better or for worse, there is a huge network of people with connections and obligations to the Department of Child and Family Services. These individuals might notice normal injuries and misinterpret them as evidence of abuse.

The result of this overzealous reporting is a cascading series of events that can leave families fractured and devastated. If this sounds similar to your situation, I urge you to contact my team of lawyers at (847) 241-1299. Any delay or uninformed action could be detrimental to your case.

Contacting an Attorney During DCFS Investigations

Please call us as soon as possible if your family is under investigation. This is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. It is simply a sign that you take your family’s future seriously.

Although we would have little control over the investigation, we can help you understand this process. Another of your attorney’s roles early in this process is to negotiate a safety plan. This plan is unique to each family, and it should reflect the reality of any risk factors DCFS believes it has uncovered.

Filing an Appeal When a Child Is Taken

DCFS might recommend that the state immediately takes your child. This is not always the case, but it can be extremely distressing when it happens. Above all else, please stay as calm as possible and contact one of our attorneys.

You have 60 days after DCFS makes its decision in which to file an appeal. We can help you file this appeal, as well as help you attempt to negotiate a safety plan in which your child stays with a trusted relative.

Defending Yourself Against Charges

Seemingly simple DCFS reports can easily mutate into a complex web of administrative, civil, and criminal charges. Our job as your child abuse attorney is to help you organize all of these different priorities, help prevent unnecessary setbacks, and defend you when necessary.

The most important thing is to act swiftly in contacting a DCFS lawyer. Even if you have done nothing wrong, mistakes in the administrative or legal procedures could result in consequences for you and your family.

My team and I have extensive experience with DCFS, domestic violence, and family law cases. We are prepared to stick with you as long as it takes to get you the justice you deserve. Please call us at (847) 241-1299 for a consultation today.

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