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What Factors Determine Child Custody In Illinois?
Illinois child custody
Posted October 12, 2021

Whether you are preparing for a divorce or are unmarried and wish to establish custody of your children, you need to retain child custody lawyers in Arlington Heights. They will help you come up with a custody arrangement that can reflect the best interests of your children as per the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of […]

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Are Both Parents Given Equal Consideration for Child Custody in Illinois?
Posted August 30, 2021

If you’ve recently started divorce proceedings in Illinois, you might be wondering whether both parents are given equal consideration for child custody or one parent is favored over another. As a loving parent, you may want to acquire full custody of your children. This is why, you might be interested in finding out that out […]

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Do Unmarried Parents Have Child Custody Rights In Illinois?
Posted June 08, 2021

To understand whether unmarried parents have child custody rights in Illinois, you need to understand the laws governing it first. According to Illinois law, child custody is divided into two aspects – legal and residential custody. The former pertains to the parents’ ability to make critical decisions for the child’s life which includes religious proclivities […]

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