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Who Is Responsible For College Expenses After Divorce in Illinois?
college expenses
Posted June 22, 2022

Illinois is one of the few states with a law that compels divorced parents to support their children’s education past high school and after they turn 18 years old. A child doesn’t have to be a minor to receive this support. This may be a blessing for single parents living under the poverty line, but […]

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Can Another State Suspend Your Driver’s License For Non-Payment Of Child Support?
Posted March 17, 2022

If you fail to pay child support in one state but move to another state, the latter can suspend your driver’s license in some circumstances. If that happens, defaulters can take some steps and legal options to get their license back, but it will have to be accompanied by pending support payments. Contact a Schaumburg […]

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When Determining Child Support, Are Gifts and Loans Considered Income?
Posted April 29, 2020

Illinois’s child supports laws are strict when it comes to determining net income because courts base it on ‘all income from all sources.’ However, if you are a non-custodial parent and want to give your child a present or take care of student loans for them, how does this affect child support? Are Gifts and […]

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Reducing Your Child Support Payment is Possible for a Non-Custodial Parent
Posted February 05, 2018

You are a non-custodial parent if you keep the child with you for less than 146 nights. This is the minimum number of nights that you must be in custody of your child to qualify you as a parent who is providing the requisite time to their children. If you are a non-custodial partner, then […]

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