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What Is Equity Division In An Illinois Divorce?
Posted January 31, 2022

Illinois is an equitable division state. Rather than getting a 50/50 split, marital property is divided equitably in a divorce between spouses, or as fairly as possible. The court makes the decision and includes a long list of factors, including the marriage length and earnings of both spouses. Why Unequal Equity Division? While it may […]

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How Are Retirement Accounts Divided?
Posted January 07, 2020

A divorce will affect several aspects of your life, including your retirement plan. As the most valuable item a couple can share, the court can order a retirement plan be divided by the divorcing spouses. In Illinois, the monetary value of a retirement account accumulated before a marriage, does not come under the guidelines of […]

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Equity Division in a Divorce
Posted October 04, 2018

From child custody to alimony, there are many aspects that may require consideration when a couple is going through an overwhelming and emotionally distressing divorce. One of the critical parts of a divorce is division of marital equity under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. However, it can be extremely challenging to determine […]

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