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Domestic Violence And Family Law Questions And Answers
Posted June 23, 2021

As summer approaches, incidents of domestic violence spike. What are some tips to alleviate triggers that lead to domestic violence and how can family members in a household give each other space? First, understanding the change in routine is important. Although most kids have been doing e-learning due to the pandemic, transitioning from a school […]

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What a Protective Order Does for Domestic Violence Victims
Posted January 15, 2020

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can break apart families and usually end with couples in divorce court. In the state of Illinois, victims, regardless of their gender, can get a court order to block their abuser from the family home for their own safety and the safety of their children. This court order […]

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Understanding Domestic Violence Helps in Divorcing an Abusive Spouse
Posted January 02, 2018

Domestic violence is an issue, which often occurs behind closed doors and remains hidden for long periods. In fact, records show that nearly four million people, most of them women are affected by domestic violence. Furthermore, two-thirds of marriages in the United States often face this problem. This makes it essential that we understand it […]

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The Impact of Domestic Violence on Divorce in Illinois
Posted December 05, 2017

Many marriages end up in a divorce due to domestic violence, as the household environment becomes extremely dangerous for the victimized spouse and children. However, according to the recent changes in the IMDMA, Illinois is now a no-fault divorce state. This means that domestic violence cannot be used as a ground for divorce, and there […]

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