What Fathers Should Know About their Rights Regarding Parenting Time

Father's Rights AttorneyA non-custodial parent’s legally enforceable right to visit and see their children is known as parenting time or visitation. Courts may either determine ‘reasonable visitation’ or make a fixed schedule. Parents hold the right to have a relationship with their kids even when they do not live with them. In most cases, the rights related to parenting time for fathers allow them to visit and see their children often on a regular basis. Consultation with a reputable family lawyer can help them get adequate visitation.

Reasonable Parenting Time

A reasonable parenting time order permits parents who are able to work together to be seamlessly flexible with visitation schedule. However, the drawback is when the other parent later denies your visits, you will certainly face a tough time to prove it as there is not any set schedule which they are violating.

Fixed Parenting Time

Typically, the court will determine specific parenting times when the parents can see their children. The pro side of this simply is that it is evidently easy to prove when one parent denies regular visitation as ordered by court. Also, regular schedules also ensure optimal stability for the children.

Informal Visitation

Parents of the children who are still unmarried may just easily decide between themselves the best way to solve the matter of parenting time. While there is nothing wrong with this choice, it does not come with any legal protections, especially when the other parent simply changes their mind thus denies visitation. And if such scenario occurs, you will eventually have to request court to officially establish your parenting time. You should retain a reputable family lawyer to help you get the best outcome.

Setting Visitation Rights

Before a father can get parenting time, he has to prove that he is parent of his child if he was not yet married with the mother of the child when the child was conceived. In the state of Illinois, this requires fathers to take a paternity test. Also, the courts will have to determine whether you are fit enough to be granted visitation. Consequently, the court may refute you visitation if your past history is tainted with domestic abuse, mental illnesses, serious crimes, or other issues that prove your ineffectiveness. Additionally, it may decide supervised parenting time only, which means a court-approved adult (someone other than mother of the child) have to be with the father at all times if you visit your child.

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