What a Protective Order Does for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic Violence AttorneyDomestic violence is a serious issue that can break apart families and usually end with couples in divorce court. In the state of Illinois, victims, regardless of their gender, can get a court order to block their abuser from the family home for their own safety and the safety of their children.

This court order is called a Protective Order and it is enforced by the police to ensure victims are protected against their abuser.

To qualify for one, the victim must have been threatened, harassed, injured, or restrained unlawfully by the abuser, who according to the law, has to fulfill one or some of the following:

    • Be related to the victim by blood;

    • Be married to the victim or is a former spouse;

    • Is dating or used to date the victim;

    • Is living or used to live with the victim; and

    • Has a child with the victim;

The victim who is asking for a protective order in court must prove they meet these requirements. If they can, the abuser cannot come near them or contact them. Besides this, the order of protection can also include the following rules:

    • Forbid future abuse, exploitation and neglect;

    • Grant the victim possession of property that is owned by the abuser;

    • Recommend counseling for the abuser;

    • Forbid the abuser from using or destroying property that belongs to the victim;

    • Prohibit the abuser from removing their children from the state or concealing them from the state;

    • Order the abuser to pay the victim for damages, which resulted from abuse and;

    • Prohibit the abuser to remain in the home under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

The court realizes that domestic violence affects everyone in a family, whether they were abused or not. In some cases, the abuser may be allowed supervised visitation at a location other than the family home. However, since the court focuses on a child’s welfare, it has little tolerance for abusive parents.

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