Understanding Domestic Violence Helps in Divorcing an Abusive Spouse

Domestic Violence AttorneyDomestic violence is an issue, which often occurs behind closed doors and remains hidden for long periods. In fact, records show that nearly four million people, most of them women are affected by domestic violence. Furthermore, two-thirds of marriages in the United States often face this problem. This makes it essential that we understand it in order to get away from an abusive spouse before it becomes too difficult and complex.

What is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is termed as a public health issue. It consists of abusive behavior which may include the threat of violence and intimidation without actually involving physical abuse. The main purpose behind violent activities within the family unit remains to gain control and power over the other partner, and in some cases over children too.

The abusive behavior that characterizes domestic violence can be categorized according to the various activities. The first is physical abuse that includes any act that delivers physical harm to a spouse. It may include acts, such as punching, kicking, slapping or any other activity. The use of a weapon or even refusing to help a sick partner may be constituted as physical abuse.

Sexual abuse is also a part of domestic violence, where the abusing partner often forces the other part to perform various sexual acts against their will. It may include activities where the other partner is not conscious and has not consented to any kind of intercourse or sexual contact. It may also include forcing to have sex without protection, which may lead to exposure to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Emotional abuse is also important. It may include degrading or humiliating a partner in public or private. Threatening, yelling or intimidating the spouse in any manner constitutes as producing psychological abuse. In many marriages, this kind of abuse can often happen over a long period of time and leave long-lasting psychological damage.

The last is economic coercion, which includes any activity that forces a partner to become dependent on the abusing partner for monetary requirements and therefore, faces financial problems when attempting to lead an independent life.

Moving Towards Divorce

Moving towards divorce requires the individual to realize that they are in an abusive relationship. They need to understand this so that they understand that they need to obtain legal help and representation. A survey performed by American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) shows that there has been a significant increase in the number of domestic violence issues recorded in the last five years.

Skilled and experienced lawyers believe that more domestic violence cases are now requiring the use of a restraining order, which is essential to gain protection from an abusive spouse. This happens when one feels threatened. Access to a knowledgeable attorney becomes an important function in such cases as one needs to take out the grievance in the court and gain the support of the authorities to stay away from an abusive partner.

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