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How Does Domestic Violence Impact a Divorce Settlement in Illinois?
Posted May 13, 2022

Domestic violence is cruel and inhumane. It can make victims question their existence and sanity for years and is particularly painful for children. While divorce is an understandable solution, Illinois is a no-fault state. This means that this crime or any reason cannot be specifically cited or used as grounds for divorce. However, all is […]

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Overview of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act
Posted April 19, 2022

Not all marriages are meant to last forever. Whether yours is toxic, or you have fallen out of love with your spouse and vice versa, maybe it’s better that you go your separate ways. Before making that monumental decision, hire experienced Schaumburg divorce attorneys familiar with the updated Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. […]

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What are the Top 10 Reasons for Divorce?
Posted October 20, 2021

In the past decade, there has been a significant cultural shift in behaviors and attitudes, which has redefined the meaning of marriage. The view of marriage as a lifelong commitment has greatly been altered. The emphasis now is on individual satisfaction and fulfillment. The US alone reports one of the highest divorce rates in the […]

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Is An Uncontested Divorce Possible In Illinois?
Posted August 06, 2021

Your marriage has run its course and you are ready to part ways with your spouse. If you are still on good terms and willing to work together, you can opt for an uncontested divorce with the help of our Schaumburg divorce lawyers. What Is An Uncontested Divorce? An uncontested divorce is one in which […]

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Divorce And Child Support In Illinois Questions Answered
divorce in Schaumburg
Posted August 05, 2021

Is there a certain age where a child can decide for themselves which parents to live with? However, the court does take into consideration what the child wants, and that can play out in a couple of different ways. Sometimes in domestic relations cases concerning the allocation of parental responsibilities and the parenting time, a […]

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Why Divorce Is Sometimes Better For Children?
Posted April 07, 2021

Any parent who is in the middle of a divorce or is considering it must be concerned about whether is the divorce better for children or not. The fear can be crippling, but the state your children will be in if you remain in a loveless marriage will be worse. Top Ways Divorce Can Have […]

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Questions Answered On Getting Divorce During COVID in Illinois
Posted March 24, 2021

If couples are considering divorce during COVID, what are some important things they need to know ahead of time? There have been a lot of changes in the process of getting a divorce in Illinois now that COVID has taken effect. For example, couples now need to think about the division of stimulus checks. Most […]

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Divorce Questions Answered By Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer
Posted February 25, 2021

What is an uncontested divorce, and how does it differ from a contested divorce? Do most people realize there are two ways to approach divorce? Sometimes I have clients who know that there’s a difference between uncontested and contested. I would estimate that 50% of the clients know prior to our consultations. If they don’t, […]

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What to Include in Your Divorce
Posted August 12, 2020

A divorce settlement is a binding legal contract between two spouses in which they agree on the terms of their divorce. It is often negotiated with both spouses’ attorneys present to ensure both parties can come to an amicable decision. Before presenting your version of the settlement, make sure it includes the following. The Parenting […]

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Divorce, Finances, and Children
Posted July 31, 2020

A divorce may be a relief to some and a nightmare for others. However, during the process, spouses who don’t have children may not go through as much pain as those who are parents. Besides the emotional pain, deciding how assets will be divided and how much child support should be allocated can take a […]

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