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Illinois Child Support And Wage Garnishment Laws
child support
Posted November 20, 2023

Child support questions are a complex and challenging aspect of many Illinois divorces. Our Chicago child support attorney at the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov understands that child support issues can make reaching an amicable divorce solution difficult. This is especially true if child support is unpaid and wage garnishment is involved. Learn all about […]

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Ways Nonpayment Of Child Support Can Ruin Your Life
child support
Posted September 11, 2023

A divorce can be incredibly upsetting and challenging when children are involved. Spouses frequently disagree over child support, child custody, visitation, who will make which decisions, and more. In some cases, there can be arguments about child support not being paid and dealing with the fallout of that problem. This blog post details various aspects […]

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How Does Adoption Impact Child Support In Illinois?
child support
Posted May 16, 2023

If you intend to adopt a child, you probably are thinking about ensuring the child fits in and is comfortable in your home. However, in the case of divorce, you may have questions about how adoption will affect child support in Illinois. Below is important information to consider about this critical topic. If you have […]

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Most Frequently Asked Illinois Child Support Questions
child support
Posted February 27, 2023

If you have children and are getting a divorce, someone will need to pay child support. Unfortunately, child support laws in Illinois are confusing, so we would like to address some of the most common child support questions in this article. If you have questions about your case, our Schaumburg child support lawyers at the […]

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Who Is Responsible For College Expenses After Divorce in Illinois?
college expenses
Posted June 22, 2022

Illinois is one of the few states with a law that compels divorced parents to support their children’s education past high school and after they turn 18 years old. A child doesn’t have to be a minor to receive this support. This may be a blessing for single parents living under the poverty line, but […]

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Can Another State Suspend Your Driver’s License For Non-Payment Of Child Support?
Posted March 17, 2022

If you fail to pay child support in one state but move to another state, the latter can suspend your driver’s license in some circumstances. If that happens, defaulters can take some steps and legal options to get their license back, but it will have to be accompanied by pending support payments. Contact a Schaumburg […]

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How Does Child Support Work With Adopted Children?
Illinois Child Support
Posted February 25, 2022

Parenting takes a lot of work, whether you are a biological or foster parent. The work never ends from diaper changes to ballet practice and career advice. If you want to add to your brood or adopt a child because you don’t have your own, you still need to pay for their care. In this […]

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Unemployed Child Support: Getting Paid When Your Ex Isn’t Working
Posted November 16, 2021

In Illinois, a divorce is not the end of the road, but a new beginning that can help you get back on your feet after, say, from an unhappy or loveless marriage. However, the experience can quickly become a nightmare if your ex-spouse refuses or cannot pay child support due to unemployment. You can make […]

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Divorce And Child Support In Illinois Questions Answered
divorce in Schaumburg
Posted August 05, 2021

Is there a certain age where a child can decide for themselves which parents to live with? However, the court does take into consideration what the child wants, and that can play out in a couple of different ways. Sometimes in domestic relations cases concerning the allocation of parental responsibilities and the parenting time, a […]

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How Do I Enforce Child Support Payments If My Ex Moves Out Of State?
Posted May 10, 2021

If your ex moves into another state, you can still collect child support. The process is called interstate child support and it is available in Illinois and other states as well. You can also use it to modify a child support order. Enforcing Child Support in Another State If a parent who was supposed to […]

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