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Dissolution of Marriage With Frozen Embryo
Posted September 12, 2022

The Second District Appellate Court recently handed down an opinion dealing with a highly unique issue in a dissolution of marriage case that could be likely to develop over the next several decades and will likely be referenced many times in the future. When you have complex marriage dissolution issues, make sure you are working […]

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If Both Parents Are On The Birth Certificate, But Not Married, Who Has Custody?
child custody
Posted July 11, 2022

Many couples can maintain a healthy, happy, and long-term relationship with a partner without getting married. However, if they decide to split up and there are children involved, they can end up in a contentious situation. As per Illinois law, the mother has sole custody of children until the father establishes paternity (whether they are […]

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What Factors Determine Child Custody In Illinois?
Illinois child custody
Posted October 12, 2021

Whether you are preparing for a divorce or are unmarried and wish to establish custody of your children, you need to retain child custody lawyers in Arlington Heights. They will help you come up with a custody arrangement that can reflect the best interests of your children as per the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of […]

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Are Both Parents Given Equal Consideration for Child Custody in Illinois?
Posted August 30, 2021

If you’ve recently started divorce proceedings in Illinois, you might be wondering whether both parents are given equal consideration for child custody or one parent is favored over another. As a loving parent, you may want to acquire full custody of your children. This is why, you might be interested in finding out that out […]

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Divorce And Child Support In Illinois Questions Answered
divorce in Schaumburg
Posted August 05, 2021

Is there a certain age where a child can decide for themselves which parents to live with? However, the court does take into consideration what the child wants, and that can play out in a couple of different ways. Sometimes in domestic relations cases concerning the allocation of parental responsibilities and the parenting time, a […]

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What You Need To Know About Child Custody Law In Illinois
Posted May 25, 2021

If you are engaged in a bitter child custody battle in Chicago, IL, knowing the basics of Illinois child custody law can help you make the right decisions to protect your family. Here are some things you should know: Determine If The Court Has Jurisdiction Over The Case Before the court can decide custody, it […]

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10 Common Illinois Child Custody And Child Support Questions Answered 
Posted May 06, 2021

In regards to custody, visitation, parenting time – what kind of core questions should couples ask before they start talking to an attorney? There are four different types of significant decision-making that parents need to consider when they are dealing with child custody. Those are (1) Educational Decisions, (2) Health Care Decisions, (3)  Religious Decisions, […]

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