What to Include in Your Divorce

Divorce Attorney

A divorce settlement is a binding legal contract between two spouses in which they agree on the terms of their divorce. It is often negotiated with both spouses’ attorneys present to ensure both parties can come to an amicable decision. Before presenting your version of the settlement, make sure it includes the following.

The Parenting Plan – This part of the legal document determines how spouses will share the decision-making responsibilities for their children. The plan can also outline whether one spouse will have sole responsibility in specific areas, as well as how much time each parent spends with the children. It should also outline where the children will stay during the holidays, who will pick and drop them off at specific places etc.

Asset and Debt Division – In Illinois, marital property is divided between both spouses in a divorce case. This includes assets such as cars, real estate, business interests, retirement funds, etc. Depending on who was responsible for it, one spouse may have to take care of the marital debt as well.

Child Support – This part of the settlement should detail how much the paying spouse is going to pay for child support. This includes when those payments are to be made and when they will end. In some cases, it may also include how parents will divide the cost of their children’s medical care, dental treatments, college expenditures, summer, and after-school activities, etc.

Determining how long divorce proceedings can take is not an exact science. The duration usually depends on how fast both spouses come to an agreement on their divorce settlement. If you think your spouse will make things difficult and will try to delay the process in Schaumburg, IL, you need a divorce attorney in your corner who can represent you aggressively. Otherwise, you may end up agreeing to a settlement that is not in your best interests.

This is where the divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov can prove invaluable. We have years of experience representing people like you who want an amicable divorce. Whether your spouse is being agreeable or not, we will fight for your rights and ensure the settlement agreement protects you and your children’s best interests. Get in touch with us for a consultation today. After listening to your case, we will describe in detail all of the legal options you can benefit from.

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