Is a Collaborative Divorce Best for You?

Divorce AttorneyNo matter how you look at it, an impending divorce is not easy – even in the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, there are bad divorces and then there are horrible divorces, filled with accusations, lies, prejudice and hefty lawyer fees followed by infinite litigation.

Understanding a Collaborative Divorce

Unlike a bitter divorce where both parties are neck-to-neck in accusations and arguments, collaborative divorce uses a cooperative approach to divorce. It involves a mutually agreed, legally binding contract for separation called Participation Agreement for child custody, property and asset division among many aspects of a divorce. A collaborative divorce is an ideal option for couples who wish to end their marriage silently. Such a couple will work together under the supervision and guidance of a skilled divorce and family law attorney.

How does a Collaborative Divorce Work?

When a couple agrees to a collaborative divorce, the family and divorce laws in Illinois require the couple to complete a sworn comprehensive disclosure settlement. Each partner is required to hire an attorney to represent him/her during a collaborative divorce. A skilled divorce attorney with years of experience in collaborative divorce will be able to take a win-lose divorce and transform it into a win-win divorce.

When is Collaborative Divorce the Best Option for You?

If you are wondering whether you are the right candidate for a collaborative divorce, you should go through the following points to determine whether collaborative divorce is in your best interest.

Collaborative divorce is the ideal option when both partners are looking for a mutually agreed divorce settlement
• Both you and your partner are willing to set aside any destructive emotions that prevent you both from rational thinking and mutual understanding of every issue
• Instead of going at each other in courts through your attorneys, you both wish to end your marriage quietly, with integrity and mutual respect
• You and your partner are willing to let the past differences be water under the bridge and work towards a divorce that is acceptable to both partners
• Save your children from a messy, hateful divorce

If your scenario is similar to the aforementioned points, then hire a skilled divorce attorney to help you finalize a collaborative divorce.

It’s highly unlikely you will be able to save your marriage, but you can end your marriage in a subtle and cooperative way by opting for a collaborative divorce. With a collaborative divorce option, you can decide to call it quits by mutual agreement and by working together towards a divorce settlement that works for both of you.

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