How Long Will My Divorce Take?

Divorce LawyerIf you are considering filing for divorce, you might be wondering how long it takes to complete the divorce process. It is a difficult question to answer. The time frame of a divorce process varies greatly from one case to another, depending on various factors involved.

How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced?

There are several factors that come into play when a married couple seeks separation. These factors can affect the time it takes to finalize your divorce process. Here are a few of them:

Cooling off period – Your jurisdiction can play a major role in the divorce process. In some states, the law requires you to serve a waiting period, also termed as a ‘cooling off’ period to provide the couple some time to reconcile before the final decision of the court is issued.

Residency requirements – There may be some residency requirements, which need to be satisfied to file for divorce. In some states, one spouse needs to spend a certain amount of time away prior to filing for divorce.

Fault-based or no-fault divorce – Rather than having to prove any fault, in a no-fault divorce, spouses can file for divorce by stating ‘irreconcilable differences’ or an ‘irreparable breakdown of the marriage’ as valid grounds. Thus, it simplifies the divorce process and reduces the time required to form a final verdict.

Contested vs uncontested divorce – In a contested divorce, there are major issues that remain unresolved between spouses, thus it gives rise to a legal trial, which can often be time consuming and makes the trial process much longer.

Assets and Liabilities – If spouses own expensive assets, properties and businesses that require professional valuation, this can also delay the divorce process. Similarly, marital debts or liabilities can also create complexities as the court may balance out the assets and debts for a fair and equitable division, depending upon the state laws.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Aside from the above factors, there are several additional aspects that must be resolved during a divorce, such as spousal maintenance, custody and visitation, child support and health and life insurance. If you are looking to dissolve your marriage by getting divorced, it can be highly beneficial for you to hire legal services of a divorce lawyer. Your attorney will ensure your legal rights remain protected throughout the litigation process.

Since a competent divorce lawyer will be familiar with the legal process and specific laws applicable for your case, they can expedite the divorce process by filing your case on a timely basis and submitting all relevant documents required to initiate the procedure.

Your divorce lawyer may use their negotiation and persuasive skills to reach a settlement, which will prevent having a divorce trial battle in the court. This may allow you to finalize your divorce in a quicker and relaxed manner.

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