Holiday Breaks and Child Care

holiday child careDuring the first year of a divorce, holidays can be a difficult time – not only for the parents but for children as well. Happy memories from times when families were together can take a toll on your children. The good news is you can make the holiday transition easier for your children by keeping the following in mind.

Discuss Plans with Your Ex-Spouse

Even though there may be some bitterness between you and your ex after your divorce, you do not want your children to suffer because of it. Maybe plan on taking your children on vacation during the upcoming holiday. Always let your ex-spouse know, as their consent may be required. Your ex will appreciate you for it and your children will not get stuck in an argument between their parents.

Make New Traditions

If you had special holiday traditions you enjoyed as a family prior to your divorce, make new memories without your ex. For instance, if you remarry, ask your new spouse to help create new holiday memories with your children. Invite family members over to your home and maybe even your ex, to show your children everything is fine. It will give your children a sense of stability they need around the holidays.

Remember the Holidays Are All About Your Children

After your divorce, it can be difficult to put emotions aside – especially around the holidays. However, this is a magical time of year for your children. Ruining it with bitterness, bad-mouthing the other parent, or refusing to include him/her in festivities will give your children bad memories.

The bottom line is you should make decisions that are in their best interests – not yours. Try not to allow your personal feelings to impact them. The holidays should be the time of year when your family is making new, better memories – not traumatic ones. It can be an ideal time to help your children heal. Jeopardizing it by belittling your ex can result in behavioral issues later.

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