Child Support Law in Illinois: What You Need to Know

Child Support Law in IllinoisThey say it takes a village to raise a child, but children are the first ones to suffer when the flow of money runs out. Children are dependent on their parents when it comes to their education, health care, food, clothing, etc. When parents divorce, the non-custodial parent is ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent. However, things are a bit different in Illinois, as with Illinois child support law.

Child Support Law in Illinois – The Income Shares Model

The child support law in Illinois follows specific regulations both parents must abide by. The formula for calculating child support has been overhauled to be more in-line with other states. One formula is an income shares model.

The law came into effect in 2017. Unlike the previous law, which considered only the income of the non-custodial parent for paying child support, the new law considers the income of the other parent as well. The court first calculates the amount required to take care of the child using tables provided by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, which also provides enforcement services.

The obligatory amount is then divided between parents, according to the net income relative to them. In other words, if the recipient earns more than the obligor, he/she is less likely to receive less or more in terms of child support. Whether you have custody of your children or not, you will still need to pay for a part of the support.

The Biggest Challenge in Child Support 

One of the toughest challenges you can face is finding a competent child support attorney in Chicago who can ensure a solid case. Some income-based documents may not clearly show how much a party earns and the court will have to decide what those figures are during the hearing. During this time, child support may need to be recalculated.

A divorce attorney in Illinois who can calculate those figures accurately and ensure the best possible income scenarios is key to a stable future post-divorce. At the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, we are dedicated to all aspects of such cases including child support. We work closely with our clients from day one and at every stage to ensure the best results possible throughout the legal process. Get in touch with us in Schaumburg, Illinois today.

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