Child Custody in Illinois

Child Custody AttorneyOne of the major issues that arise after a married couple decides to part ways is custody of their children. In most cases, both parents do not want to give custody to the other spouse. Thousands of couples reach out to the courts everywhere to resolve the conflict around child custody. This whole charade not only causes immense distress to the estranged spouses but also to the child who is torn between two parents. This is one of the reasons why most couples decide not to get a divorce in the first place but in most instances divorce is the only way out.

What factors does the court take into account while deciding a child custody case?

The courts in Illinois take several factors into account while hearing a case pertaining to child custody. Primarily, the wishes of the parents and the preference of the child are taken into consideration. Secondly, the child’s relationship with both parents is analyzed to assess which parent might be the better suited for his or her custody. Once these factors have been considered, other aspects such as the child’s comfortability with his or her house and school is also taken into account.

When is Child Custody given to Third Party?

Furthermore, the criminal and medical history of both parents is evaluated to assess whether granting either of them would be in the best interests of the child. In some instances, when the court finds both parents unsuitable to retain custody of the child, the court may grant custody to a third party such as the grandparents of the child. This is only done in extraordinary scenarios where both parents are deemed to be unfit for raising a child with morally, physically or psychologically affecting him in a negative manner.

For instance, if both parents have a history of domestic violence and child abuse or are addicted to alcohol or any other harmful substances, the court may decide that it is in the best interests of the child to live with the next closest guardian until he or she is of age. Under such circumstances, the parents are still expected to cover the financial expenses of raising the child and might also be allowed parenting time.

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