Child Care During Holiday Breaks – Who Pays?

Divorce AttorneyFor divorced parents, summer vacation may mean extended visitation with their children who they may only see on the weekends during the school year. However, while that time is great for developing a deeper relationship with estranged children, activities they expect to enjoy on those days may extend beyond your budget. Even if children remain at home or visit the other parent more frequently, groceries, which used to last for a month, can start to deplete within a week.

If you budget around your child-support payments, chances are, you can’t afford to pay for additional expenses. There will be extra mouths to feed, and you could be seeing increased electricity usage because your children are playing video games round the clock. So, who pays for those extra expenses after you split from your spouse?

In most cases, a spouse may ask the other to contribute more than the designated child support to cover those costs. While a parent may choose to cover those expenses, they are not required, since the court-ordered child support payment plan covers extracurricular activities besides basic childcare needs.

However, the court may order one spouse to pay more for these if they earn more than their ex. If the support amount does not cover these activities, the custodial parent may have to pay for them out-of-pocket.

Illinois has an income share model, which supports child support and also comes into play here. As per this law, support obligations are determined by comparing each spouse’s income and the amount of time their children spend with them independently.

In other words, both parents have a duty of care towards their children. This perspective is vastly different from the ones in the past when fathers earned a lot more than mothers. Today, the gender pay gap is closing slowly and the courts have taken notice.

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