Benefits of a Divorce Support Group

Divorce AttorneyA divorce can be a painful and heart-wrenching experience, which can make even the strongest of individuals fall to their knees.

Suddenly, your life has been turned upside down, the people who claimed to be your friends disappear and no one can understand what you are going through. If you find yourself in this situation, joining a divorce support group with similar individuals who are experiencing and dealing with same ordeal you are will be a healing experience for you.

Here are just some benefits a divorce support group can offer:

  1. Learn Life Changing Lessons

Contrary to what you may be thinking now, your emotional pain will dissipate as time passes. However, rather than waiting to sink into depression or struggling alone, joining a support group can help you process those complex thoughts and feelings that consume your life.

You can also get co-parenting advice from other support group members who share your experience and were able to manage life post-divorce. Their answers can help you get your life on a new track, which will benefit your family.

  1. Validate Your Experience

You may find yourself alone after your divorce – either by design or because your family is unable to understand what you are going through. You may feel adrift and confused regarding what your next step in life should be. You may even have regrets, which is natural.

The best way to validate your feelings and get closure is to share your thoughts and experiences with support group members and ask them to do the same. Once you realize you are not alone and your experience is normal, you will be in a better state of mind to move forward with your life.

  1. Make New Friends

Some of your friends may switch sides and join your ex spouse’s group of friends. If they do, do they really count as friends in the first place? The best part about joining a divorce support group is you will be in touch with people who completely understand you. Meeting with them outside the support group (for dinner, a run, for brunch, etc) you can create a healthier social life and begin to heal.

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