Iurie Oancea

Iurie Oancea

Iurie Oancea graduated with an LLM in U.S. Law from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Prior to his professional career in the U.S., Iurie completed a four-year graduate program in international law, a one-year Master’s program, and a four-year Ph.D. program in criminal law. In pursuing this education, Iurie obtained a varied and extensive knowledge of the United States of America, European, and international legal concepts and practices.

Before starting his career in the U.S., Iurie practiced for 10 years as an attorney in Eastern Europe representing clients in a wide variety of cases including civil, economic, real estate, family, criminal, and human rights cases.

Also, Iurie worked as a corporate attorney for a large international manufacturing firm expanding his knowledge of business law. Since 2007, he has represented applicants before the European Court of Human Rights. Through his work experience, Iurie gained essential client-facing, research, and analysis skills. Iurie’s teaching experience at Moldova University of European Studies also gave him the ability to synthesize and explain multifaceted legal issues to any audience.

Iurie joined the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov in 2022 and specializes in family law, corporate law, debt collection cases, and civil litigation.

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