Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce AttorneyAn uncontested divorce is also known as a no-fault divorce. It is one where both spouses have already agreed upon spousal maintenance, child custody, equity division of assets and future forms of communication. It is also one of the easiest to administer. If there is no agreement on any of the processes during a divorce proceeding, a divorce is called contested, and the court will have to seek child custody, a parenting plan, hire experts for equity division, or ask for formal marriage mediation. The provisions and procedures for both contested and uncontested divorce are noted in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

Divorce, either contested or uncontested, is a painful experience. Ensuring negotiations and agreements are done in good faith to benefit both spouses can be difficult, therefore, consulting a competent divorce attorney can help navigate the various complexities of filing for divorce.

Possible Advantages of an Uncontested Marriage

There is a high possibility that, with good communication, a couple with substantial assets and minor children will be able to reach a divorce agreement uncontested. Although there may be attorneys involved in helping reach an agreement, there are visible benefits of seeking an uncontested divorce.

  • Marriage can end with dignity and respect,

  • It is the least expensive way to file for divorce and reach an agreement quickly,

  • An uncontested divorce is usually confidential as not all information and agreements are available for public records.

Filling an Uncontested Divorce

With an uncontested divorce, the couple has largely agreed upon most terms and conditions for separation. A divorce filing will require filing various forms. These forms will help form the basis for equity division, child support, non-marital asset declarations, parenting plan and details of any formal summons needed for dissolution of marriage. A competent divorce attorney can help start the proceedings in court by seeking a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), and a formal judgment for dissolution of marriage after a court has completed all its procedures. There can be grounds for modification at a later stage to a divorce agreement if an ex-spouse remarries or there are substantial changes in circumstances of either spouse.

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