Month: January 2024

How To Find Money Being Hidden By Spouse In Illinois Divorce
asset division
Posted January 08, 2024

Divorce proceedings are often complex and emotionally charged, but few issues within them are as contentious and fraught as the division of assets. In Illinois, as in many states, the equitable distribution of marital assets is a cornerstone of divorce law. However, this process can become particularly challenging when there are suspicions or evidence of hidden assets […]

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What Actions Can Impact Child Custody In Illinois?
child custody
Posted January 04, 2024

Child custody disputes are among the most challenging aspects of family law, profoundly affecting parents, guardians, and, most importantly, the children involved. In Illinois, as in many states, the child’s best interest is the guiding principle in determining custody arrangements. This principle is embedded in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, which provides […]

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