Month: May 2023

Illinois Common-Law Marriage Is Illegal How To Protect Yourself
common law marriage
Posted May 29, 2023

Common-law marriages are legal in some states, but Illinois is not one of them. However, there are ways that you can secure your rights in Illinois as a common-law couple, including the drafting of a cohabitation agreement with the assistance of your attorney. Keep reading to learn more on this subject, and if you have […]

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How Does Adoption Impact Child Support In Illinois?
child support
Posted May 16, 2023

If you intend to adopt a child, you probably are thinking about ensuring the child fits in and is comfortable in your home. However, in the case of divorce, you may have questions about how adoption will affect child support in Illinois. Below is important information to consider about this critical topic. If you have […]

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Things That Can Cause You To Lose A Custody Battle In Illinois
child custody
Posted May 02, 2023

When parents divorce, and children are involved, they must arrive at a child custody agreement. These matters involve who will make significant life decisions for the child (legal custody) and how they will divide parenting time (physical custody). However, this issue is often one of the most challenging in divorce because most parents want to […]

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