Month: July 2022

If Both Parents Are On The Birth Certificate, But Not Married, Who Has Custody?
child custody
Posted July 11, 2022

Many couples can maintain a healthy, happy, and long-term relationship with a partner without getting married. However, if they decide to split up and there are children involved, they can end up in a contentious situation. As per Illinois law, the mother has sole custody of children until the father establishes paternity (whether they are […]

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How Does a Cohabitation Agreement Protect Me in Illinois?
Posted July 07, 2022

In 2016, the Supreme Court decided that unmarried couples cannot claim legal rights on each other’s property after they part ways. However, ending a long-term relationship is already a challenge, especially if expensive assets are involved. Deciding who gets what can be difficult in this case. Since Illinois courts don’t recognize common-law marriages, unmarried couples […]

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