Month: January 2022

What Is Equity Division In An Illinois Divorce?
Posted January 31, 2022

Illinois is an equitable division state. Rather than getting a 50/50 split, marital property is divided equitably in a divorce between spouses, or as fairly as possible. The court makes the decision and includes a long list of factors, including the marriage length and earnings of both spouses. Why Unequal Equity Division? While it may […]

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What Are The Tax Implications Of Divorce In Illinois?
Posted January 13, 2022

Most divorcing couples overlook the tax implications of divorce before it is too late. A Schaumburg tax implications attorney, or any attorney for that matter, cannot ethically give them tax advice if they don’t have the education or the experience to do so. That is why most couples turn to accountants to determine the tax […]

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