Month: March 2021

Questions Answered On Getting Divorce During COVID in Illinois
Posted March 24, 2021

If couples are considering divorce during COVID, what are some important things they need to know ahead of time? There have been a lot of changes in the process of getting a divorce in Illinois now that COVID has taken effect. For example, couples now need to think about the division of stimulus checks. Most […]

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How Is Spousal Support Calculated?
Posted March 17, 2021

One of the largest concerns that a divorcing couple has is the state of their finances post-divorce. Once the court has made a decision regarding spousal support or maintenance, it has to determine the amount as per statutory guidelines. How Spousal Support Is Calculated in Illinois The length of the marriage plays a large role […]

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How Is Asset Division Decided In Illinois?
Posted March 03, 2021

U.S. states follow either of two approaches when it comes to in a divorce settlement; namely the equitable distribution method and the community approach. However, most states such as Illinois prefer fair equitable division. While it is fair, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s equal. Asset Division in Illinois Rather than dividing marital property straight down […]

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