Month: December 2020

Child Support Law in Illinois: What You Need to Know
Posted December 30, 2020

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but children are the first ones to suffer when the flow of money runs out. Children are dependent on their parents when it comes to their education, health care, food, clothing, etc. When parents divorce, the non-custodial parent is ordered to pay child support to […]

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Are Gifts and Loans Considered Income in Child Support Cases?
Posted December 16, 2020

Illinois has specific guidelines when it comes to determining child support obligations after divorce proceedings. According to the guidelines, the award is calculated according to the net income of the non-custodial parent. A small percentage of that income is allocated to child support, according to the number of children he/she is responsible for. Unless the […]

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Understanding Illinois Cohabitation Agreements
Posted December 02, 2020

There are several reasons why a couple may choose to remain unmarried. Perhaps they are disheartened by the institution of marriage because of a previous divorce or maybe they just want more freedom. Only the individuals in the relationship can decide if marriage is right for them or not. In Illinois, they can even take […]

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