Month: July 2020

Divorce, Finances, and Children
Posted July 31, 2020

A divorce may be a relief to some and a nightmare for others. However, during the process, spouses who don’t have children may not go through as much pain as those who are parents. Besides the emotional pain, deciding how assets will be divided and how much child support should be allocated can take a […]

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If My Ex Refuses To Work, How Do I Get Child Support?
Posted July 22, 2020

In Illinois divorce cases, the spouse that earns less than their ex is entitled to financial support or spousal maintenance, as well as child support if they were awarded custody. There are several factors the court examines before determining how much a paying spouse should pay. However, it is not uncommon for a paying spouse […]

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Getting A Divorce After A Long Marriage and How it Affects Spousal Maintenance In Illinois
Posted July 07, 2020

A bad marriage is like a bad investment. Rather than staying in one and trying to make it work, you should consider cutting your losses as soon as possible. The alternative is prolonged pain and suffering your family does not deserve. If you believe your marriage is headed towards a breakdown – despite spending years […]

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