Month: February 2020

How Family Mediation Can Help You During Your Divorce Proceedings
Posted February 28, 2020

A divorce can be emotionally devastating for a family. During this time, figuring out who gets what in the settlement is the last thing on anyone’s mind. However, delaying those critical decisions can lead to more heartache and fights in the future. This is where a family mediator can prove invaluable. What Is Family Mediation? […]

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Thinking of Remarrying? Consider Your Current Divorce Settlement and Other Financial Matters
Posted February 20, 2020

In case of a divorce, Illinois will award alimony or spousal support to a spouse who is financially dependent or who cannot support himself/herself after the separation. Even though this can be maintained indefinitely, a drastic change in circumstances can merit modifications to the original agreement. One of the most common changes includes remarriage and/or […]

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Evaluation of Business Assets and Commercial Holdings in a Divorce
Posted February 05, 2020

If own a business and are going through divorce proceedings, the business can be considered a marital asset and split accordingly. However, allocating a fixed monetary value to an enterprise or commercial holdings is challenging. To divide these fairly, the court needs evidence of their existence and how much the business is worth. There are […]

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