Month: May 2019

Divorce and a Spouse’s Cash Income
Posted May 30, 2019

What to do When Your Spouse Hides Income? Divorce is a challenging and difficult procedure for any couple looking to go separate ways when their marriage falls apart. During a divorce proceeding, it’s not uncommon for a spouse to hide their cash income. If a spouse has a business deal or a job that pays […]

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Considerations for Spousal Maintenance in a High Net Worth Divorce
Posted May 28, 2019

High net worth divorces are slightly different from other divorces. Usually, these divorces involve celebrities or other well-known individuals that put a high net worth couple in the limelight. There are some extra considerations to take when it comes to high net worth divorces. Spouses with higher income and net worth are generally tied to […]

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The Effect of Domestic Violence on Divorce and Custody
Posted May 07, 2019

Domestic violence is a common family issue around the United States and can have significant effects on divorce and custody proceedings. In Illinois, keeping children safe from domestic violence, particularly during ongoing divorce proceedings, is a priority. The Domestic Violence Act The Illinois Domestic Violence Act was introduced in 1986, defining domestic violence as both […]

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