Month: March 2018

In An Illinois Divorce? Your Mini-Guide to Attain Equitable Property Division
Posted March 22, 2018

As the term sounds, ‘property division’ is the separating or dividing of property among two or more parties. In family laws, this typically occurs when spouses divorce or couples legally separate or an unmarried couple ends the relationship. Irrespective of the occasion, the topic deserves significant attention and thought to ensure you do not simply […]

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What Fathers Should Know About their Rights Regarding Parenting Time
Posted March 06, 2018

A non-custodial parent’s legally enforceable right to visit and see their children is known as parenting time or visitation. Courts may either determine ‘reasonable visitation’ or make a fixed schedule. Parents hold the right to have a relationship with their kids even when they do not live with them. In most cases, the rights related […]

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