Month: January 2018

Marriage Annulment – Understand When it is Required
Posted January 17, 2018

An annulment is, technically, another way to end a marriage—as opposed to a divorce. However, there is a marked difference between the two. First, understand that marriage is a contract, which can be dissolved with the instrument of divorce. Now, we describe annulment through this definition: Annulment An annulment is a process where the divorce […]

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Understanding Domestic Violence Helps in Divorcing an Abusive Spouse
Posted January 02, 2018

Domestic violence is an issue, which often occurs behind closed doors and remains hidden for long periods. In fact, records show that nearly four million people, most of them women are affected by domestic violence. Furthermore, two-thirds of marriages in the United States often face this problem. This makes it essential that we understand it […]

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